Hawaiian Hospitality (Day 1)

Emergence from my Honu shell!

As the semester began to draw to a close, the perpetual papers,projects and presentations drove my hyper-caffeinated brain to the brink of explosion.

A Hawaiian escape seemed like the best way to keep my sanity in tact…

On my first day, I learned that Hawaiians are not only genetically engineered to wrangle waves with water boards, but they have been bred to be the most hospitable creatures on the planet…

the home of the fantastic 808 crew and our temporary shelter
taming mother nature on earth day!
mother nature struck back...
Hunter pushed me off the board... how cruel
Cholos was sooooo fun

hawaiian shaved ice!

To cap our first North Shore adventure we meandered through a children’s graveyard in order to get to a spooky, skater-built pool…


the spirits struck back...

Best earth day ever!!!

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