Many Mighty Mahalos

My not-so secret desire to perpetuate and prolong my Hawaiian visit to immediate permanent residency made itself clear when I reached into my pocket and realized that I lost my boarding pass at the Honolulu airport.
My initial perma-stressed brain responded with panic. As I began to realize the awesomeness of getting “stuck” in Hawaii, the United worker drone analyzed my blank expression and turned-out pockets. ” Are you.. (squinting at wrinkled boarding pass lying on her desk) Amelia Brodka?” she laced her question with a well-deserved patronizing tone as I dropped my head and muttered a yes.
How shameful.
How old am I again? 12?

Northshore's Bansai pool right across the street from Bansai Pipeline
Not only does Hunter push me off surfboards, but she also shoots chunks of coping at me as I attempt to kick back with some yummy macadamia nuts

that extension was Maka-dang-dang
We managed to capture a wild Kallie
we attempted to extract the secret of the deathbox lines from her...but our efforts were futile. She alone dominates death, frontside at that.

A big Mahalo to Matt and the 808 crew for getting us into Cholos backyard wonders TWICE

Mighty Feeble

Then we meandered to yet another backyard playground…

Compete with 3ft mini with a spine, 8ft mini, and a little hut with a micro mini inside…

oooh ocean view

And that was only day 2…

So my subconscious attempt to stay in Hawaii failed…I slithered off of the redeye, right into 12 hours of work and class with my brain all maka-dang-dang from awkward plane “sleep”

Thanks for the photography Dr. Bleecker!

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  1. Katie says:


    your socks, I mean. 🙂

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