Marketing Media Morsels

Does the use of fruit (in this case, lemons) bolster sales of skateboard goods?

I get it! The product here is a lemon-scented sunblock to prevent farmer's tan while skateboarding all day...right?
Perhaps it would be more conducive to the industry to market their goods at work? Wearing shoes such as Vox is certainly helpful for executing front rocks. (photo cred: Dr. Bleecker, photoshop cred: moi)

Stacy Smith, a professor at my local brain feeding institution, the University of Southern California, has used this as an ingredient in one of her dishes :

“A steady diet of consuming skewed or stereotypical depictions of women as sexy or domesticated may facilitate the development and maintenance of attitudes, beliefs, and aspirations that are limiting.”

This neuron-tickling morsel was served in Communication and Mass Media, where I fed as a freshman.

As a junior, my diet consists of Gender in Media Industries and Products with chef Alison Trope, for which I’m currently compiling my final recipe for the semester with the help of this spice, suggested by Larry Gross:

“Close to the heart of our cultural and political system is the pattern of roles associated with sexual identity: our conceptions of masculinity and femininity of the ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ attributes and responsibilities of men and women. Ans as with other pillars of our moral order, these definitions of what is normal and natural support the existing social structure. the maintenance of the ‘normal’ gender-role system requires that children learn- and adults be discouraged from toppling- a set of expectations that channel their beliefs about what is possible and proper for men and for women.”

“Our experiences are likely to be limited to what the media choose to show and tell us”

Gnaw on that and savor its taste the next time your paws feel the gloss of Thrasher or Transworld Skateboarding.

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