Lamentable limbs

The countdown had come to an end, the contraption forcing me to perpetually give the world a thumbs-up was scheduled to hatch a rejuvenated limb. Giddy, I hopped on my bicycle and headed towards the doctor’s office. As I steered single-handedly for what I thought was the last time, I daydreamed of doing backside airs again, tying my shoes with utmost ease, coming closer to crossing juggling pineapples off of my bucket list. I had been robbed of the ultimate primate perk for much too long. Never take opposable thumbs for granted.

Alas, I had arrived:

Despite the renewed contraption, I pranced down to San Diego with Dr. photographer/professor/evil mastermind Julian Bleecker to break in the new cast with some fellow vertically driven minions.

The aerodynamic qualities of that chunk of fiberglass are slightly stale

lipslide over the deathbox

Tricks requiring my left hand will just have to continue to wait…


  1. Brooke Libby says:

    Pineapples. Definitely.

  2. Erik Peterson says:

    It has been and continues to be my honor to know and watch you grow into a beautiful woman. I just wish we could see more of you here on the east coast.

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