EXPOSURE 2012 Recap Part 1

EXPOSURE 2012 went better than I could have ever imagined!!!! Despite all of the warnings about the stress and madness that comes with event planning and the concerns about whether there was enough time to put it all together, I couldn’t believe how smoothly it all went down. The level of help, hype and skating really blew me away. It was an honor to have such a hard-working team of volunteers. Thank you all so much!!!

The biggest thank you of all goes to the event co-chair, Armando De La Libertad, for being the catalyst for the event in the first place. Not only would the event not have happened without him, but I would have drowned in paperwork/minute details/organizational mishaps if it were not for his help!

There was really a great energy in the air throughout the event. It seemed like everyone was excited, smiling, and skating amazingly. I am so proud of all of the skaters for throwing down! It was very inspiring to see how well the AMs were skating too. They are on-par with where the Pro level was when I started competing. I was definitely struggling to keep up with my own division.

We had a phenomenal set of judges including: Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Jean Rusen, Dave Hackett and Aaron Astorga with Jim Gray keeping score.

I loved watching Alana Smith giggle and smile between 540 tries, laughing off each slam until she made it. I’m so proud of her!

We were fortunate enough to have the talent of Underexposed’s producer, Brian Lynch, behind the lens and in the editing room. Check out part 1 of the recap here:

UNDEREXPOSED Teaser / Exposure 2012 Bowl Recap from Amelia Brodka on Vimeo.

I still can’t believe how well it all went. I am excited to work towards creating more ways to fuel the progression of women’s skateboarding. Judging by the level of help, support, and excitement, I’m am definitely not alone!

Additional thank you’s go out to our “Good Souls” committee. Including: Barb Odanaka, Al Braun, Mike Ross, Brenda Chapman, Hailey Villa (beautiful shirts!), Lisa Fletcher, Mary Mills, Nicole Noller, Archer Braun, Matt Condon, Christy Nunes, Claudia Hoag, Erica Shulz, Ocea Lei, Jerome Green, Lynn Kramer, Mike Owen, Terry Toby, Adrian Demain, Lawrence Bowser, all of the skaters’ parents, all of the sponsors, all of the photographers, all of the attendees and anyone I may have omitted.

It seems like the event really lived up to its name. Check out all of the EXPOSURE! Click below for links

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to do it again

Check out the full results here: http://exposureskate.org/?page_id=17


Sorry, I got lost in post-collegite vert world and forgot I had a blog.

But there was this:

hoto by Mahfia.com 

This was a private, invite-only, work-in-progress screening. I’m sorry if you missed it, and I wish I could tell you when/where you can see it, but that is up to the Film Festival Gods now. Don’t worry, Moonrise Kingdom was better anyway. But a million “thank you”s to the lovely industry folks who came and stayed for the Q&A and turned my queasy nervuousness into feelings of warm fuzzy joy.

Then there was lots of Overexposure:

Coven Magazine

And then my wildest dreams came true: A Thrasher interview?



“What’s next?” I don’t know. In the meantime, I’m going to try to stop grabbing stinkbug.

New Underexposed Teaser: Poseiden’s Oahu Tour

So while I’ve been huddled away in the editing cave piecing together the documentary, Producer Brian Lynch has been busy filming the Poseiden Foundation’s Oahu Tour.

Micaela Ramirez‘ Poseiden Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the youth. This tour brought  role models such as Cara-Beth Burnside, Jen O’Brien, Abisha Alshebaiki, Heidi Newton, and Jen Valenzuela to schools across the island where they gave motivational speeches and skated with the students.

 Lizzie Armanto, Allysha Bergado, and Hunter Long also shared their love of skateboarding by joining the Poseiden crew in various meet-and-greets and demos at skateparks all around Oahu.

Check out the teaser filmed & edited by Brian Lynch:

And be on the lookout for the new Underexposed site launching soon…

Want to be in Underexposed?

I have been completely immersed in putting together Underexposed. Filming. Setting up interviews and shoots. Traveling. Logging what must be nearly 100 hours of footage. Editing.

Cara-Beth Burnside (left) , Nora Vasconcellos (right)

It’s all slowly coming together and it should still be done by May.


If you are a female who happens to love skateboarding, I’d love to see if I can put a clip of you in the film!

Here’s all you have to do:

Send me some clips of you skating and an introduction.

Don’t have any skate clips? At least send over an introduction!

For the introduction all that you have to do is grab a digital camera (or a friend who has one), make sure your face and shoulders are in the frame and say: “Hi my name is _____________ I (something quick about you– play a sport? have a job? what grade are you in?) and I’m a skateboarder”

In order to get your footage to me or producer Brian Lynch click this link: https://public.me.com/lannybirch , click on the “UnderexposedUpload” folder, then click the up arrow at the top of the window and then choose whatever files you’d like to send.

All ages/abilities/nationalities are welcome and encouraged to submit!

In case you forgot what Underexposed is all about, click here to watch the trailer