In response to Nyjah Huston

For those of you focused on the recent soundbite from Nyjah’s Thrasher interview: take a moment to think about the kinds of responses he has received.

There have been a ton of responses, the majority from men who have spent more time on this planet than young Huston, that express a strong disagreement with Nyjah’s statement. This just goes to show you that there is a ton of support for today’s rising amount of girls and women who skateboard. The many who have recently defended women’s skateboarding have not only expressed excitement about girls who skate, but brought up specific examples of female shredders who disprove Nyjah’s comment. This reveals that people are not only supportive of girls’ skateboarding, but actively follow it.

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Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 5.00.50 PM

If anything, this innocent slip-up of a young man in the middle of a recorded conversation, has created yet another avenue for people to express that they find value in the growing sector of women’s skateboarding.

I hope you can all join me in forgiving Mr. Huston for his accidental comment. He surely expresses himself best through his incredible skateboarding talents. As a fellow skateboarder, he knows playing skateboards is for everyone. So let’s forget about it and go skateboarding. Congratulations on your new shoe, Nyjah!

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Ed Templeton’s Instagram

If you want to hear more from Ed Templeton about his support of girls who skateboard, check out UNDEREXPOSED: A Women’s Skateboarding Documentary screening in Ocean Beach this Saturday!

FFF Flyer 2

New Year

2013 has been great so far!


I got this photo and a multiple-page interview in the new Skateboarder’s Journal!



Also, my Alma Mater, USC Annenberg, wrote an article on UNDEREXPOSED! Read it here:


And I’ve been obsessively skating the combi bowl. Here’s a little edit:

And now I’m getting ready to go to Australia for the Hurley ABC in Newcastle! Yay skateboarding!


I went to an amazing high school.
Gould Academy has a skateboard program.

Before you think “ew, organized skateboarding,” check out a new part of their program.
The So. Cal Skate Trip takes Gould and non-Gould students from all over the country to skate some of Southern California’s best skate spots.
From private parks to historic street spots, we tried to hit them all last summer.
Check it out:

With a school like that, you can see why I’m excited to travel to Maine to re-visit the campus next weekend.

For more information on how to join us on our next skate adventure. Click here

EXPOSURE 2012: a women’s benefit event

Come on out to Clairemont Nov. 3rd! Whether you’re skating, want to learn, or just want to watch, come support women’s skateboarding as well as the non-profit Human Options. We’re raising scholarship funds for victims of domestic violence.

The event will feature learn-to-skate clinics from 9-11AM and then we will kick off the string of contests: AM bowl, PRO bowl, AM vert, PRO vert and wrap up with a “first to 540 jam.” Will you be the next female to land a 540? Mike McGill will be there to judge…


WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING SPONSORS. Please e-mail for additional information…

Rocky Mountain Rampage

Team Pain and Sk8 Strong are doing some amazing work in Colorado. This past weekend I was grateful to have been able to make it out to the Rocky Mountain Rampage in Colorado Springs, CO. The vert ramp and bowl at the Memorial Skatepark are super fun, the turnout was great and the locals were amazingly hospitable. I can’t wait to go back again next year!


I’m super grateful to have been a part of the first women’s contest in 2 years! Everyone was skating really well and I was lucky to be able to sneak into 4th place.

Lyn-Z Adams with a death-defying fs-invert transfer into the rollin
Trying to hang in there during finals! I ended up getting 5th
Franziska Stolz, a vert skater from Swizerland, is taking a photo of my disaster
Lizzie knows how to crailslide properly. Maybe she will teach me. Congrats to her for winning vert AND bowl!!!
Teaching one of the local girls proper foot placement

Special thanks to Nate McDonald for the photography and Skater Dreams for the support!

Check out the World Cup Skateboarding website for full results!