Sorry, I got lost in post-collegite vert world and forgot I had a blog.

But there was this:

hoto by Mahfia.com 

This was a private, invite-only, work-in-progress¬†screening.¬†I’m sorry if you missed it, and I wish I could tell you when/where you can see it, but that is up to the Film Festival Gods now. Don’t worry, Moonrise Kingdom was better anyway. But a million “thank you”s to the lovely industry folks who came and stayed for the Q&A and turned my queasy nervuousness into feelings of warm fuzzy joy.

Then there was lots of Overexposure:

Coven Magazine

And then my wildest dreams came true: A Thrasher interview?



“What’s next?” I don’t know. In the meantime, I’m going to try to stop grabbing stinkbug.

My New Pro Model Board is now available for sale!

The talented Michal Brodka has truly outdone himself this time. Thanks for designing my new board, Mike! And thank you Tragedy Skateboards for making me a new pro model board!

Please contact therootsdist@gmail.com to get your own or to get them in stock at your local shop!