Traveling, skating and working with the Poseidon Foundation was a great experience.

Thanks Ladonna Williams for letting Poseiden crash and skate at your ranch! photo: Ana Paula Negaro

You have to give back to what you love.

Let’s face it, if skateboarding has captivated your soul the way it has mine, the thought “skateboarding saved my life” or “what would I be doing if I never picked up a skateboard?” has most likely crossed your mind. That passion is the same reason that when most skateboarders get hurt their primary concern is “how soon can I skate again?”

How great would it be to spark that same drive in a kid from a rough neighborhood?

Poseiden's Thumbs Up tour brings international pros to give product to kids at Barrios Unidos

By visiting Barrios Unidos, Poseiden hopes to inspire kids who are at-risk of becoming involved in gangs to consider putting their energy into perfecting kickflips instead.

Organizations such as Skatistan are providing similar opportunities by encouraging adolescents to stay in school by offering an hour of skateboarding (including instructors, equipment & a nice new skate park) for each hour of school. In a war-riddled country in which over half of the population consists of teenagers, it’s important to provide these youth with an outlet that will not only distract them from the disorder but keep them from being involved in it.

roosevelt park. photo: Ana Paula Negaro

Furthermore, thanks to Salmon and Toad for putting on a women’s division at the 7th annual Chili Bowl in SF

And thanks to Lizzie and Allysha for the most awesome doubles runs I’ve ever seen!

it was called "The Ranch" for a reason

Many thanks go out to Micaela Ramirez for bringing me along!

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