Super Girl Jam recap

The Supergirl Jam in Venice featured a street course complete with a four flat four stair with hubbas and a center rail, euro gaps, ledges, a quarter pipe and a five stair with handrails.

The event started with an extensive AM contest. It’s great to see amateur divisions in girls’ contests because it gives up-and-coming girls an opportunity to prove that they deserve to be considered in the decisions on who is to be invited to upcoming contests. The format was a type of AM face-off in which pairs of AMs skated in head-to-head elimination rounds to compete for the two available slots in the PRO division.

Congratulations to Samarria Brevard and Chelsea Castro for being the top two AMs and holding their own against the pros.

The pro contest format presented high-energy skating with timed jam sessions on individual features. As soon as the timer started, the girls rushed to throw a barrage of simultaneous flip and rail tricks down the sets. From a spectators perspective, it was a great presentation of these girls’ talent and dedication, but I would have hated to be a judge. So much went down!!!

a quick iPhone photo of Jessica Florencio kickflipping the 5

Everyone skated so well it’s hard to choose what needs to be highlighted but here’s a quick run-down:

1st section (5-stair):
Jessica Florencio -front feebles, back smiths and hardflips,
Abisha Alshebaiki- nollies, front boards, kickflips, hardflips
Eliana Sosco- perfectly caught hardflips
Amy Caron- lip slides, feebles
Alexis Sablone- switch kf, kf front board, heelflip
Eliana- shuvit, hardflip
Sarah Molder- feeble
Lacey Baker (who was hobbling with a cane just a few weeks ago at the X-Games) flawless hard flips, frontside flips, fakie fs front heels, inward heels.

Middle section:
Rachel Reinhard – double kickflips & bs flips up the euro gap,
Vanessa Torres- stylish melon fakies on the quarter, ollies up the euro into a back tail on the ledge next to it, crooked grinds on the flat bar into the bank
Racine Hopkins -fakie bigspin boardslides
Alexis Sablone- kickflip up the euro gap into a nose manual across the entire section of the course.

The 4 flat 4 stair (top 8):
Amy Caron – 5050 4 flat 4 hubba, feeble 4 flat 4 handrail,
Abisha Alshebaiki- boardslid the same rail right after AFTER a big crash with Vanessa Torres who was rolling away from landing a front smith,
Alexis Sablone- kickflip front 50-50 4 flat 4 hubba, front 50-50 hand rail
Vanessa Torres- front board

Like I said, that’s only SOME of what went down. But here are the pro results:

1. Alexis Sablone
2. Lacey Baker
3. Amy Caron
4. Abisha Alshebaiki
5. Rachel Reinhard
6. Vanessa Torres
7. Jessica Florencio
8. Eliana Sosco
9. Brooke Whipp
10. Sarah Molder
11. Rebecca Syracopulos
12. Chelsea Castro
13. Racine Hopkins
14. Sophie Poppe
15. Samarria Brevard
16. Alize Montes

Congratulations to all of the competitors, everyone skated really well!

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