New Underexposed Teaser: Poseiden’s Oahu Tour

So while I’ve been huddled away in the editing cave piecing together the documentary, Producer Brian Lynch has been busy filming the Poseiden Foundation’s Oahu Tour.

Micaela Ramirez‘ Poseiden Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the youth. This tour brought  role models such as Cara-Beth Burnside, Jen O’Brien, Abisha Alshebaiki, Heidi Newton, and Jen Valenzuela to schools across the island where they gave motivational speeches and skated with the students.

 Lizzie Armanto, Allysha Bergado, and Hunter Long also shared their love of skateboarding by joining the Poseiden crew in various meet-and-greets and demos at skateparks all around Oahu.

Check out the teaser filmed & edited by Brian Lynch:

And be on the lookout for the new Underexposed site launching soon…


I was recently invited to Belmont High School to talk to 9th and 10th graders about pursuing your passions.

I talked about my love for skateboarding and the process of making Underexposed.

As a media academy, they were interested in the topics covered in Underexposed. I showed them a few teaser clips.

There were a lot of girls who talked to me about their interest in skateboarding.

Surprisingly, many of them shared the same story, their moms told them that “Skateboarding is not for girls.” After seeing clips from Underexposed, they saw that their moms were clearly misinformed.

After the presentation, I gave out some equipment from S-One and Tragedy Skateboards to help spread the skate love.