Tim Brauch Memorial Recap & Video

This year’s Tim Brauch Memorial Contest had over 20 female participants, along with locals in the crowd who easily could’ve gotten in the mix if they weren’t so anti-contest.

These turnouts are slowly starting to reflect the Sports Business Research Network statistic showing that female participation in skateboarding has risen to 24.3% of U.S. skateboarders in 2010 and is still rising steadily. I’m sure it won’t be too long until the marketing heads of the skate industry catch onto the potential in that kind of market share…

With company support, like Silly Girl Skateboards whose TM Matt Gaudio gave 8 up-and-comers the opportunity to compete by getting them to the event, we’ll surely see these numbers grow every year.

It was a great event despite the fact that I re-broke my wrist for the 3rd time 5 minutes before the contest, but I skated anyway. Just waiting to hear if I need surgery….

My wrist is already broken in this photo. credit: Julian Bleecker

Filming for Underexposed is still going strong, here’s a teaser of some of the interview and skate footage from the weekend.

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