Taking steps towards change

Spreading awareness, and consequently, support, is one of the first steps towards beginning to change the current industry/media approach to women’s skateboarding.

filming all-around ripper Hunter in the Kapolei bowls in Hawaii

Thank you for all who have read, replied to and most importantly, reposted my last post. Every little bit helps. The amount of attention the news received implies that the most likely reason behind the omission, which is that people are simply not interested in women’s skateboarding, is flawed. Thank you again for the support.

As far as exposure for women goes, one of the progressive projects currently underway is a photo book by Julian Bleecker. Having acknowledged the lack of media support in the world of women’s skateboarding, Julian has been faithfully seeking out and photographing dedicated female rippers across the country in an effort to bring their talents and stories to light.

I’ve joined forces with him on the project, and we are currently in NJ preparing to shoot photos of Lorena Lima and then head to New Hampshire to document the versatile skateboarding talents of Nora Vasconcellos.

My involvement in the project has inspired me to proceed with a documentary project/ my senior thesis that will delve into the reasoning behind the industry’s decision to overlook women.

Hunter and Matt Reynolds in Hawaii
Lizzie Armanto checking out the prototype version of a magazine we compiled that consists of Julian's photos and interviews with talented female skaters
pondering book layouts in the Nearfuturelaboratory

Please continue to spread the word. Any further feedback and recommendations are greatly appreciated.


  1. GRO says:

    Keep up the good fight!

  2. keep up the good work!!!

  3. Fight the good fight and u shall overcome and prosper… great job!!!

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