4 01 2014


After nearly 3 years of fiming, editing, touring and screenings, UNDEREXPOSED is finally going to be available to the public! Look out for our iTunes and On Demand release coming Feb. 18!

New Year

25 01 2013

2013 has been great so far!


I got this photo and a multiple-page interview in the new Skateboarder’s Journal!



Also, my Alma Mater, USC Annenberg, wrote an article on UNDEREXPOSED! Read it here: http://annenberg.usc.edu/News%20and%20Events/News/130117Brodka.aspx


And I’ve been obsessively skating the combi bowl. Here’s a little edit:

And now I’m getting ready to go to Australia for the Hurley ABC in Newcastle! Yay skateboarding!

UNDEREXPOSED to screen at its first film festival!

11 01 2013

If you’ve been wondering where you can view Underexposed: A Women’s Skateboarding Documentary, I finally have an answer for you!

We have been accepted into the Thin Line Film Festival and will be screening the finished (color corrected, audio mastered, new ending) version of the film February 14th at 9:00PM in Denton, Texas!

For more info on the festival, click here


Looking forward to 2013

15 12 2012

“The biggest news for female athletes, aside from the cross-sport video-segment competition called Real Women, which will debut in 2013, is the addition of Skateboard Park in Barcelona,” (X Games adds new disciplines).

This news has left me so speechless that the only way I know how to respond to it is by sharing the response of fellow skateaholic Nora Vasconcellos:Image

A big thanks to The Alliance for making it happen! 

Also, Congrats to Leticia Bufoni and Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana for getting the opportunity to work on some video parts! I’d like to see some Mega McTwists and rail assassination… But I’m slightly confused as to how they are going to be judged against the other “real women” of ski and surf, and how they are going to “announce winners May 16-19″ based on voting that doesn’t start until May 30. Hmm. But maybe I just misunderstood the article

If you’re wondering about the status of the documentary, we heard it was a bit underexposed so we went to get it color-corrected Technicolor.


And in case you missed the Underexposed coverage of the Exposure vert contest, here’s the recap:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/53572730″>UNDEREXPOSED Teaser / Exposure 2012 Vert Recap</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user8175330″>Amelia Brodka</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


17 08 2012

Sorry, I got lost in post-collegite vert world and forgot I had a blog.

But there was this:

hoto by Mahfia.com 

This was a private, invite-only, work-in-progress screening. I’m sorry if you missed it, and I wish I could tell you when/where you can see it, but that is up to the Film Festival Gods now. Don’t worry, Moonrise Kingdom was better anyway. But a million “thank you”s to the lovely industry folks who came and stayed for the Q&A and turned my queasy nervuousness into feelings of warm fuzzy joy.

Then there was lots of Overexposure:

Coven Magazine

And then my wildest dreams came true: A Thrasher interview?



“What’s next?” I don’t know. In the meantime, I’m going to try to stop grabbing stinkbug.

My New Pro Model Board is now available for sale!

29 03 2012

The talented Michal Brodka has truly outdone himself this time. Thanks for designing my new board, Mike! And thank you Tragedy Skateboards for making me a new pro model board!

Please contact therootsdist@gmail.com to get your own or to get them in stock at your local shop!


Combi Classic Video Recap

7 11 2011

Great turnout, great energy, great people.

The level of women’s skateboarding is certainly rising.
I spent most of the super finals in awe of how well all of the other girls were doing and fed off of their great energy in my own runs. I’m really proud of how well everyone skated and very grateful for everyone who came out to support. All of the skaters really pushed themselves and each other in the infamous combi bowl!

I’m really glad I got to be a part of it and I’m already excited for next year!

Check out the clip compiled by the dedicated Brian Lynch:


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